Harmony. Romanticism. Dreaminess.

An independent luxury clothing brand founded in Ukraine and focused on exclusive designs made with high-quality fabrics. Khris K aims to empower women by creating a timeless look with no boundaries.

“For me inspiration comes a lot from my dreams and from life – life moments, feelings, emotions. Feelings I wish to share with the world. So, I began to embody my ideas, my new beginning”.


Khris K is dreamy, sophisticated femininity, a passion for every detail which transforms beautiful ideas into fashion masterpieces.

From Khris K you can always expect: uniqueness, beauty and harmony, elegance, extraordinary sophistication, simplicity, all aligned with impeccable craftsmanship.

I wish you to feel freedom and be yourself.

To feel that every look you wear you can enjoy at any place you like, because you can feel happiness and freedom everywhere.

Sincerely, Khrystyna Kurliak