Harmony. Romanticism. Dreaminess.

An independent luxury clothing brand founded in Ukraine and focused on exclusive designs made with high-quality fabrics. Khris K aims to empower women by creating a timeless look with no boundaries.

The brands’ signature looks are peg-top silhouette dresses, silk and linen, handcrafted with detailed macramé and other handcrafted artistry.

Brand story

Founded by Khrystyna Kurliak in 2017. The brand comes from a place of resilience and transformation. 

Khris K was launched during the war in the founder´s home country, Ukraine. This has given her the strength to expand and rebirth the brand.

Khrystyna´s first collection came to her in her dreams in the form of sketches. She took this as a sign to bring the first collection to life while she was a violinist. By combining two of her talents, music and art, the first collection Duodecima was born.

Khris K´s  ethos is to weave together luxury, sophistication and elegance in order to create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Each garment is unique and made with the highest quality fabrics while promoting  a slower fashion cycle and more conscious consumption.

About the founder — Khrystyna Kurliak

Khrystyna’s ideas came to her as dreams in the night which quickly materialised into numerous sketchbooks and later her creations renowned for their uniqueness and high-quality, promoting slow fashion and conscious consumption. She recalls, “when I started to draw them, I soon filled two entire copybooks”.

Her collections are inspired by her life, family, art, and her homeland. They have taken shape  from her time as a violinist, and her experience throughout the war in Ukraine from 2014 to present day, reflecting resilience and empowerment while highlighting the duality of life by showcasing complexity and beauty in an imperfect world.

In light, women are the bringers of life, a light in darkness. They embody resilience and strength of the human spirit during hardship. Khris K personifies the light and dark within women by creating a rich tapestry of experience and understanding in her clothing.