Oneiric and elegance are shown in Daniela Collection. It opens with a love theme of nature and architecture — a reflection of their reciprocity and unification into something priceless and majestic. Due to nature, everything comes to life.

The color palette of Daniela varies from classic black, white, and cream colors to noble shades of green and blue. The materials also range from the most delicate fine silk to extravagant jacquard. Silk conveys a sense of femininity, oneirism, and fragility. It’s the fabric that has the main accent of the collection.

Khris K created not only the most delicate dresses but also blouses, tops, palazzo pants, and skirts. Each item relies on exemplary and sophisticated cutting techniques and the quality of the appropriate cloth to achieve minimalist luxury. Draping and pleating make the collection more romantic and delicate. Some looks are decorated with fabric-covered buttons, which are important ornaments and add a unique charm to Daniela Collection. Mesh black and silk beige polka dot berets transmit the feeling of Parisian chic.

  • Ella dress

    Blue silk maxi dress.

    • Polka dot beret

      Silk polka dot black beret.

    • Iris skirt

      Pleated silk-organza skirt.

    • Pearl blouse

      Romantic silk pleated blouse. Softly pleated silk that wraps neck.


    Everything is created for you to feel freedom

    With our clothes you can feel free and be yourself. Feel that every look you wear you can enjoy at any place you like, because you can feel happiness and freedom everywhere.

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