Dreaminess and elegance is what designer Khris K shows us in Vidvazhna collection which means Bravery in Ukrainian language. The collection opens up with a love theme of nature and Ukrainian Mythology.

The heroine of the collection is a brave Ukrainian — a Vidvazhna woman. It’s her fierce love, her love for nature that is inherent in this collection. She is an allegory for the forest, a nature guardian, who is called Mavka in Ukrainian mythology.

The decorative elements of the collection are made with macramé knotting which is Khris K’s personal touch. Our textiles also vary from the most tender, fine silk, linen and sustainable materials, to extravagant jacquard. Silk conveys a sense of femininity, dreaminess and fragility. The beautiful tucking technique and hand-finished edges show its sophistication. While Juliet sleeves add romance to dresses, chic silhouettes emphasize uniqueness and beauty. Pleats always give a look of simplicity, they are moving and feminine. Nothing is more perfect than refined simplicity.

The colors of the Collection are inspired by Ukraine. It’s Vidvazhna, her generosity manifested in this collection, to make you breathe freedom in whichever circumstance you are.

  • Vidvazhna coat

    A dreamy coat by Khris K, inspired by a strong woman, by Ukrainian woman, who is powerful in spirit and love.

  • Mavka dress

    Mystery Mavka is a soul of the Forest, a guardian of the Forest, a heart. A female mythical spirit in Ukrainian mythology.

  • Bloom dress

    Wheat colur dress is decorated with handmade macrame which is KHRIS K personal touch in collections.


Vidvazhna is you!

Feel your beauty and strength with our new collection. As special as you are! As brave as you are!

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