Luce Romana

Luce Romana collection was inspired by the British-American feature film "Gladiator". Luce Romana conveys the spirit of that time. Elements of all strata of the population of Rome are used in each image. The designer transformed the character traits of the film's protagonist, Maximus, into female images.

The main idea of ​​the collection is freedom.

The decorative elements of the collection are an embroidered ear of wheat, which caught the eye of Maximus, who was returning to his native land. Beading, macrame, and thread embroidery techniques are used. The collection's gentle colors combine with the feminine character's romance and tenderness.

In many ways, which KhrisK used in her collection, Rome resembles modern society.

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  • Lucilla maxi dress

    Lucilla silk-chiffon maxi dress with fringes.

  • Linen floral-print dress

    Linen floral-print dress with black silk sleeves.

  • Dress-light

    Embroidered dress-light with silk-chiffon detail.

  • Embroidered gold wheat linen dress

    Embroidery gold wheat linen dress with belt from macrame.


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